STF - Kevin Farley exposed me to herpes


He was my boyfriend.He said he loved me and wanted a lifelong relationship...

but he began the physical intimacy of our relationship by exposing me to herpes the first time we had sex... and many times afterward, too. He didn't tell me till after the fact (when he thought he had a sore). He would not take responsibility for his condition, or take precautions to prevent infecting me, or take the time learn anything about it...

such as the fact that you can infect someone even when you don't have a sore.I hope he will be man enough to tell his next partner before he exposes her to an uncurable disease.

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Houston, Texas, United States #731043

Andrew thomas webb gave me herpies its a crime for what's he doing to all the women he's sleeping with

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #702490

Aren't you embarrassed to be telling us about your sexual problems?

to anonymous #702572

Hey, this happened to me too.Thank God I didn't get the disease but I still can't believe my BF exposed me without telling me what I was getting into.

The person with the sexual problem is this Farley guy.

If you can not tell your sex partner what their getting into your a coward.It's like a public service to out him before he spreads herpes to others.

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